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Stay competitive with SEO

Featured Snippets
If you look at the search engine result page, you notice they have received a lot of “competition”. On the one hand ads take up a lot of space in commercial search queries. Depending on the type of search query, ads with pictures or a block of four spots with text ads are also placed in front of the organic search results.

Focus on image search

Many websites even had to struggle with traffic losses because users no longer have to leave Google to view images and can click their way through them like in a picture gallery. By improving image search Google has responded to a trend.

Structured data and it’s importance
With the evolution of SERPs, Google is accessing more and more data material. Today, Google is also able to create its own meaningful meta-descriptions from existing content. In addition, the search engine giant uses structured data to create rich snippets. The available space has become smaller due to a change in the arrangement of the advertisements and hence an eye catching snippet should be created.

User experience
search engine optimization is actually old fashioned. After all, we do not optimize for search engines,but for users of search engines and websites. For this reason, the user experience plays an increasingly important role.

Content is(still) King
Although Google’s algorithms are getting better and better, it still needs content in the form of text to determine the relevance of web pages to a search query. Google made lot of improvements in the analysis of text in recent years and uses the latest technology with Rankbrain to better understand content.

Voice search
As early as 2014, Google determined in a study that over 40 percent of respondents use voice controlled web search.The rate was even higher than 50 percent for teanagers. Reports from google says every fifth search is made through voice input. As the use is increasing fordigital assistants and
smart home devices, users will probably use features such as “Voice Search” more frequently in 2019.

Links remain important
Each year there are alternating calls that “SEO is dead” or “Link building is dead”. But even in 2019 backlinks will continue to play an important role. PageRank is still an important ranking element for Google internally and link power, or authority, is achieved via backlinks.

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