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Animation and Motion Graphics

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Animation and Motion Graphics Dubai - Focus Digital Advertising

Nowadays online users are reluctant to read a blog or an article, instead very much interested to scroll through the animated videos or graphics. Eye-catchy videos and images are admired by all irrespective of ages. When online users prefer motion graphics or animated videos, how could we run back?

Motion graphics and animated videos bring more web traffic when compared with text content. Videos can be incorporated in the website, and get converted to GIFs for inclusion in emails or sharing on social media.

The visual designers in Focus Digital Advertising agency create incredible videos to draw the audience attention. We are the pioneer innovative marketing agency providing leading-edge designs for businesses of all figures all over the county. Whether it’s a high- end television commercial or an animated video for social media, we provide the best concept ever.

Get connected with us when you get a sparkling idea to switch to graphic content. Animated videos pave a unique way for creative thinkers. Our core creative designers are consistently working to generate content that can create a greater impact in webspace.

How we create wow factor

Briefing - Animation & Motion Services - Focus Digital Advertising


We carefully understand the goals and objectives, the idea you need to share with the target audience.

Scripting - Animation and Motion Graphics - Focus Digital Advertising


Our team provides excellent support in framing script to your story. After finalizing , we move ahead with recording procedures.

Dubbing - Animation & Motion Graphics - Focus Digital Advertising

Voice Over

Ideal voice relates to the brand.  We help your brand to expose through an ideal voice that really snatches attention.

2D and 3D Animations - Focus Digital Advertising


The most complex process that requires attention to detail every time.

Other Services

Audiences are more likely to engage in video content. 
Create beautiful stories about your brand.

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